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TN Tempo
Economic Impact Report

Terminal boar

powered by Delta Canada

TN Tempo. Bred for toughness.​

As the most innovative swine genetics company in the world, Topigs Norsvin brings you the TN Tempo Terminal boar 

The TN Tempo’s breeding goal is designed for producers demanding fast barn throughput and efficiency to medium or heavy market weights in combination with a medium lean carcass.

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    Customer reviews

    Growth rate
    Feed conversion
    Lean meat

    Production and market conditions

    Medium to heavy slaughter weights
    Efficient and fast gain between 120 and 145 kg (265 – 320 lb) market weight

    Raised without antibiotics
    Natural resistance to disease challenges 

    Feeding diets with by-products
    Natural resistance to feed challenges

    Bacon production
    Higher belly yields make it the packer’s favorite choice for highly valued bacon production 

    Entire male production
    Prevents carcasses becoming too lean

    Both regular and challenged health conditions
    Proven profitability with and without challenges

    TN Tempo weaner pigs

    Get the best out of your TN Tempo



      Launch of the New TN Tempo  | Powered by Delta Canada


      Breeding at Delta Canada including CT scanning


      Genomic selection incorporated in breeding program


      Improved selection for leanness and efficiency


      Strong selection for vitality and growth


      Selection against Halothane gene using DNA marker test


      Strong focus on meat quality traits due to Unilever ownership


      Development as a synthetic line



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        The newest generation TN Tempo boars are more robust than ever before. Recent independent trials showed a staggering $9 higher margin per pig placed in advantage of TN Tempo compared with one of the leading boars in the US, after a challenge with a multitude of diseases, including PRRS. Also in conventional health conditions, TN Tempo has proven to be more profitable (up to $2.6 higher margin per pig placed) than a leading US terminal boar.

        “Powered by Delta Canada” refers to Topigs Norsvin’s new research facility in Canada where TN Tempo boars are tested. Delta Canada is equipped with a unique, state-of-the art CT scanner that makes it possible to improve carcass composition, robustness, and meat quality faster and with greater accuracy. Delta Canada will substantially increase the genetic progress in TN Tempo.

        In TN Tempo the Combined Crossbred and Purebred Selection (CCPS) program sets us apart from competitors. Massive amounts of data have been collected from both purebred and crossbred animals in health challenged production environments. The program has started already in the nineties. We were the first to start with this kind of testing. As a result, the genetic potential for survival also under health challenged conditions has considerably gone up. The selection program for specific natural resistance against PRRS started in 2018 will come on top and will further increase the robustness of TN Tempo offspring.

        Use of TN Tempo as a terminal boar has positive effects on the number of liveborn pigs. Many of our customers have experienced up to 0,5 liveborn pigs more after switching to TN Tempo.
        TN Tempo offspring pigs are visibly more uniform and vital in the farrowing house. Weaning weights are often reported to be higher than competitor boars. TN Tempo pigs are easy starters in the nursery.
        All of this contributes to easier management and higher survival rates from birth to market.

        Carcass weights keep on increasing. Feed is the most important component in the cost of producing a pig. Therefore, feed efficiency all the way up to heavier market weights will remain the highest priority in the breeding goal of TN Tempo.

        Robustness is another top priority breeding goal trait, due to increasing challenges that our customers experience with disease and animal welfare legislation.

        Robustness traits in the breeding goal of TN Tempo include survival from birth to market, congenital defects, leg quality, and natural PRRS resistance.

        Natural PRRS resistance is based on the WUR SNP genotype. Results of economic analyses indicate that producers can save between $3.09 – $11.10 per head for a pig with the favorable WUR genotype.

        FEBRUARY 2021

        TN Tempo outperforms competition again: highest economic advantage

        Results from a recent independent trial demonstrate that TN Tempo-sired finishers outperformed the progeny of two leading competitor sire lines in the US market. TN Tempo progeny had significantly more full-value pigs, higher survival rates, and greater daily gain.

        This large-scale scientific research trial was carried out by a major integrated pork producer under PRRS-challenged conditions.